You thought......

 Photo: Hannah Stewart Photography

Photo: Hannah Stewart Photography

Depending on the day of the week and the direction of the wind, I’m either a writer or Beyonce's glitter sweeper. Jack of all trades; to be perfectly honest.

In my spare time you'll catch me wandering around somewhere with at least two notebooks, furiously jotting down my wildest thoughts. I'm a thinker, I'm a dreamer, and I'm most definitely a doer.

If you'd like examples, click here to view my work.

I believe in the power of women and I believe in the power of knowledge. When you combine the two, phenomenal things happen. 

More than anything, I enjoy connecting people. Need a designer? Ask me. Need a speaker? I got you. Need a pool boy? Ehhhh, you're out of luck. 

After a two laps around the Sun, I'm back home in Memphis. Wanna chat? Get connected? Click here to drop me a line.