Depending on the day of the week and the direction of the wind, I’m either a writer or Beyonce's glitter sweeper. Jack of all trades; to be perfectly honest.

In my spare time you'll catch me wandering around somewhere with at least two notebooks, furiously jotting down my wildest thoughts. I'm a thinker, I'm a dreamer, and I'm most definitely a doer.

I believe in the power of women and I believe in the power of knowledge. When you combine the two, phenomnial things happen. 

One of my favorite speakers once said that sometimes, all we need is for one person to stand in the gap. Well, I've taken it upon myself to be that person.

After a two laps around the Sun, I'm back home in Memphis and ready to get to work. Wanna chat? Get connected? Click the button down below to drop me a line.