Bird vs. Lime: The battle of the scooters

For me, the best [only] perk of living downtown is being within walking distance of so many places. My bank account doesn’t agree with that statement, but let’s stay on task here.

So when Memphis got its first shipment of Bird Scooters back in June (finally, Nashville is good for something), I was thrilled. On any given day you can probably see me scooting down Main to grab dinner or make a corner store run.

Explore Bike Share also rolled in around the same time as the Birds, making it easy to hop from one place to another.

But on Friday, I made a new discovery: Lime Scooters. Move over, Birds. There’s a new kid in town.

Although some news outlets are reporting that the city has ordered Lime to kick rocks, the neon-colored scooters can still be seen sprinkled throughout downtown.

I went for a ride this weekend and while initially apprehensive about how large they are, I loved every second. They’re a smoother ride than the Birds and I like that you can buy credits in chunks ($10, 20, $30, etc.)

So have I flown the Bird Scooter coop? Probably.

Nicole HarrisComment